New music by THT BOI JONESY creates a sudden wave of fans.

THT BOI JONESY unveiled his first music video for the latest single “GRITZ” this week. The new song features indie artist, Skutta Sinatra and will be available on all streaming platforms today!

As THT BOI JONESY‘s first visual project officially hit YouTube his popularity as a lyricist and rap artist emerging from the Midwest quickly solidified. Media outlets and Instagram users have picked up on his talent racking in almost 1,000 streams in it’s first 6 days.

MediaCartel TV

bitch Ima shark in a fish tank | jump in that water and get ate | smokin the dope, burnin my throat | I did the most, now look I’m the goat | I told that girl “It’s a cold world, and you can’t have my coat” | then took back everything that I bought | even the shoes, told her “kick rocks”

The video filmed in a Columbus, OH residence was directed by Videographer, Wexico Swave, who is building a solid list of talented clientele around Ohio. In the video THT BOI JONESY welcomes the company of some of his best friends and family including one of the city’s dopest artists, A$IA.

GRITZ is one of them songs that just happened. After a Sam Rothstein show, me and a few other guys blocked out recording time at the stu with Yogi. SKUTTA really set the tone for this song- he played the beat, and I left the room to let him do his thing. I walked back in when he said “I just failed a piss test” and I was with it.


The pair took advantage of that studio session, coming up with many hits that are, to this day, unheard. As with any great artist, forcing the creative process is never the answer THT BOI JONESY says they left the booth that night with only half of GRITZ finished.

We didn’t even finish the song that night. I sat on it for months and the gang and I would just turn up to it- unfinished, unmixed. That’s how I knew it was a bop! So, I finally linked up with Yogi and once it was done I listened to it the whole way through, and right away I knew it needed a video so I got right to it!


With SKUTTA SINATRA currently behind bars, the joys of seeing their work explode is an opportunity THT BOI JONESY will experience alone.

Artists like Jonesy and Skutta have found ways to immerse their talents in this gritty vibe where sounds seem to clash but yet makes sense. Along with the beat, the two have added vocals that resemble sounds of rubber stretching.

Now that his first music video is out and out of the way, Jonesy says his focus is currently on creating more visuals to coincide with the music he’s waiting to release- including some of the other songs they made during this same studio session.

As coronavirus has spread, the way consumers listen and stream music has shifted and because of this artists like THT BOI JONESY are learning to be more organized and strategic with the way they release music.

I was going to drop another project this year, but I’m going to hold off for now. I’ve been working on some dope features for some other artists that I’m excited for. You’ll see my face on more screens though. Just keep a look out!



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