We are Behind The Scenes of Big Beams and all the new things our emerging pop star has his hands on! (read more...)

Quan Dot and Mone 2Much finally dropped their first album together, Behind The Scenes now available on Spotify and Apple Music. We’ve been seeing these two explode on Instagram over the last few weeks building the most hype over this new release, so it’s about time!

His new record made during isolation was announced just two weeks before it dropped and features collaborations from 415Rezzo, DJ LeeThatShitCrazy, Jboy, Wiz, SOS Harold, and more.

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Behind The Scenes is a 10 track album and one of Quan Dot’s best efforts with sounds hinting at a uniquely fluid and melodic mumbling vocal style from our emerging PopStar. The new chunes are laid over futuristic beats, mastered by some pretty beastly production. Not to mention, the visuals that have released alongside this album are really dope.

>> Listen here on Apple Music <<


“This project is a reflection of our past. For real, it’s about our past relationships with women and with “friends” or old haters. We’ve been through a lot. Over the last few months we’ve been grinding our hardest and doing what we have to out here in LA. We’re learning how to move with this new success. Listen to it, on some fried shit. You’ll like it.

Quan Dot

The pair moved out to Los Angeles, CA at the beginning of the summer to work on expanding their brand and assist with the development of his management, USIC Brand Studios in LA. During this season, Quan Dot and Mone 2Much have composed their best music and found themselves in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes I stay up all night thinking what am I gonna die from | You see it in my eyes the codeine is what I’m high from | These bitches say I’m mean, I’m just the one they can’t get time from | Murder on my mind, swear to God everyday is read wrong

Mone 2Much & Quan Dot

Quan Dot is emerging in 2020 as a Canadian-American HipHop artist with a versatile and uncharted ability to go viral. His most recent releases including “Love Me”, “Big Beams” and the notorious “Don’t Pass The Blunt Challenge” on Instagram have all afforded him media fame as Quan Dot surpassed 100K followers.

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