Elijah Banks


New music by Elijah Banks (Listen)

Elijah Banks exudes his confident side in a nostalgic new single, “Somebody“, where slow guitar strums meet a remixed beat inspired by Ginuwine’s “Pony” from the early ’00s. The song is now available anywhere you stream music.

Elijah Banks talks about the inspiration behind the lyrics, “This new song “Somebody” is about being me. I was in my studio thinking about ways to stand out right now- it’s hard during COVID. This song just came to me I thought, ‘be who you’re destined to be, not who others want you to be.'”


Confidence is key in the music and entertainment industry, now more than ever, artists are struggling to find creative ways to adjust to the changes in how we consume their music.

For Elijah Banks, this means Triller and TikTok videos promoting music he’s made during the quarantine. In one video, Banks promotes his recent work “Triflin” where he’s shown bored inside his downtown, Columbus loft.

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For those who don’t know and even for those who do know Elijah Banks, you know this Midwest artist was born in Germany. He grew up listening to soulful feels of R&B and the gritty influence of Hip-Hop. His timeless sonic skills, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities has encouraged outrageous growth and popularity in Ohio extending to Chicago, and Atlanta this year.

Need to catch up on Elijah Banks’ most popular songs?

We get it. He’s upcoming and now you’re finally getting a chance to hear him for the first time. Check out these other tracks available on all platforms.

  • SPIN (album)
  • No Words
  • Zooming Thru
  • Dreams & Sex
  • Say Something

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