Martina Marie

Video: Martina Marie In Her First Cypher

S.H.E Cypher in Houston features Martina Marie and some of Hip Hop's next best artists.

Women in Hip Hop took on an opportunity to shine together in an all female cypher hosted by Urban Glimpse inside a Houston fashion boutique. On YouTube now, Martina Marie along with Toublesum, C. Red and Kay Kilo flow with intellect, class, and depth.

@urban_glimpse Sponsored by @dussecognac x @optionshtx

These four women are the pedestal for emerging artists and are supporting each other during a time of global pandemic. #empoweredwomenempowerwomen

Martina Marie said on Instagram, “I’m really happy to be a part of this! [The SHE Cypher] is showing diversity in our ladies. It was my first time, I was nervous as shit! haha. But I LIVEEE for these ladies and this movement. [I’m] super excited to keep elevating and growing as an artist!”

The SHE Cypher is now being held every month dedicated to showcasing this era of music made by women.

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