Von (CG) Graves

Meet: Von (CG) Graves, USIC Brands CEO and Recording Artist

CEO and Recording Artist Von (CG) Graves

Von (CG) Graves is a music business entrepreneur and recording artist from Columbus, OH. While obtaining his degree from Ohio University, CG became popular in 2012 when his single “Dorm Muzik” hit campuses across the midwest gaining nearly 20K streams on YouTube.

Since then, CG released Ego2: Eat. Love. Pray. in 2013 and his most recent album, A Fearless Story, and has been tackling the dream of owning his own management company.

Graves said, “Starting a business is no walk in the park. I’ve slept on couches and taken losses, but I always operate on faith.”

What started as Yizzo Nation during his college years, has since grown into what is now known in the midwest as USIC (Undiscovered Music) Brands, and has been in business since 2017.

CG at The U (USIC Studio)

CG uses his songwriting and storytelling abilities to help independent artists create music they love. USIC has created partnerships with other entrepreneurs to assist in marketing finished projects across streaming and social media platforms, publishing and news outlets.

During the week, Graves travels to schools across Ohio to educate children on the importance of embracing your creative side and starting your own business.


“Be more than just a rapper. Be a music mogul, someone that can actually empower other people like themselves,” CG said.



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